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Hornets 2010, WWHL, and the ramblings of a washed up goalie.

By Jeff Stewart 12/09/2010, 12:53am CST

How long can you go?

In six years as a Hornet, I have never come across a tighter division. For four of those six years, We were always at the top; vying for, but always elusive first place. And then comes 2010. (If Smitty`s really moves to division 1) The Hornets will have the first opportunity to share first place with long-time rival Thundercats. A long season is in store for the Hornets, with many tight games, some even coming within 10 seconds to conclude, win or lose. The Hornets are a proud team, and defeat hurts the core, but we always stumble back.

This season marks the end of an era (11 years) for me with ties to the WWHL, and hockey. After this season, I have decided to `hang `em up` so to speak. I have have neck, shoulder, and knee surgery all in consecutive years, and the body just ain't what it used to be.

Me personally, I would like to send a Thank You to Darryl "Beef" Wolski for the opportunity to play, age, and drink a few cold ones in this league for as long as I have, and enjoy hockey for one more year, each and every year. Without him, this league would not be here, and 250 or so players a year would have to find a new place to play, and 140 refs would have to find other work, and 35 timekeepers...well...they sucks anyway, but i digress (lol, jk you guys RULE!) I think you get the idea. A city of 40K+ with a league this wide-spread and well manufactured divisions, it has been a pleasure. I tip my hat to the wheeling/dealing Beef.

One last note before I run out of typing space (and ceaser mix):