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Darryl Wolski

Darryl Wolski

League Commissioner

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Mailing Address
Wendy's Winter Hockey League
PO Box 21003
Brandon, Manitoba Canada
R7B 3W8

204 573 8080 - cell

2010 - 2011 WWHL All Stars

2010 - 2011 Award Winners

Rookies of the Year
Joeys Only-  Jordan Boychuk and J and G - Jordan Trotter

Goalie of the Year
Tavern United -  Adam Duncan

Defenceman of the Year
Source for Sports - Gavin Deacon

Forward of the Year
Eye Outfitters Jets - Scott Rourie

League MVP
Wayway - Chad Tanner

League Exec of the Year
Willow Creek - Steve Lepper

WWHL Contest Winners

Wendy's Early Bird Entry Contest winners are as follows

1st place 750.00 -
Ryan Schmidt's team ( Smitty's )
2nd place 250.00 - Ryan Main's team ( Double Decker)
3rd place 100.00 at Source for Sports - Joel Snyder ( Tavern United )
4th place case of Bud Light - J & G / Rona Dynasty

Thanks everyone for being part of this contest this season

Darryl Wolski - WWHL
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