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2015 WWHL Playoffs

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2015 Playoff Format

Round Robin Playoff Point System
Win a period - your team gets 2 points
Period is tied - each team gets 1 point
Win the game - you get 6 points
Tie the game - each team gets 3 points
Shutout - bonus point
Lowest Penalty Minutes - bonus point
Maximum awarded points per game - 14

*** No overtime in round robin playoff games
*** 5 minute stop time period and then shootout in Championship Series 

Division 1
1st place vs 4th place - best of 3
2nd place vs 3rd place - best of 3
winners of above series - best of 3 championship series
*** overtime will happen in each game should it be tied in Division 1

Division 2 & 3 & 4
Each team plays each other once in a round robin playoff format
After round robin is finished the 5th place team in round robin is eliminated and 5th and 6th place in Division 3 are eliminated and 5th place in Division 4 are eliminated.

Championship Final Format: (point system does not apply)

  • Game 1, the third- and fourth-placed teams play against each other. The loser is eliminated.
  • Game 2, the first- and second-placed teams play against each other. The winner qualifies directly for the final.
  • Game 3, the winner of Game 1 plays against the loser of Game 2. The loser is eliminated.
  • Game 4 (the final) is then played between the winners of Games 2 and 3.