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WWHL 16 - 17 Registration

16 - 17 WWHL Teams

Division 1 Division 2 Divison 3 Division 4
Joel Snyder Marty Logan Sioux Valley Dave & Jerry
Drew Bertone Marty Minshull Jason Earl Free Agent Players
Landon Desjardin Gavin Deacon David Manns Wayway - Carol Tanner
Wendy's Kings - Ethan Trotter & Scott Hellyer The Dock & BDN Fire College Rouire & Klemick David Hutchison Shaun Hebner
Tyler Woods
Colin Chalmers

Team Registration Link

Early Bird Fee

$6,249.00 if paid in full before Sept 15 - 2016
Team rates increase September 16th for teams not paid in full


Free Agent Player Registration

The Registration "WWHL 16 - 17 Registration" is not currently available.


$549.00 BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 16TH - October 10
$599.00 after Oct 10th