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2011 - 2012 Teams to Date - As of Oct 19 - 2011

Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
J and G - Aaron / Jordy Echo - Woods Viper Autobody - Shelvey
Tavern United - Joel Double Decker - Ryan Joeys - Kelsey Fehr and Colin Chalmers
Brandon Drywall - Jack Smitty's - Ryan S Echo Outlaws - Janz
Eye Outfitters Jets - Scott and Scott Regent - Crystal Hotel - Jeff / Coombs Sioux Valley High School
Wendy's Lannys - Blake and Landon Vanguard Vipers - Mark Badger Cancade Renegades - John Hallam / Matt Hanke
Source for Sports - Dave Contour Construction - Dave
Willow Creek - Steve Houstons - Moore
Glen Lea Golf - Jason West Fit Roughnecks - Smith
Central Autobody - Brad Nesbitt
Wayway - Carol Tanner

General Info and Prices for 2011 - 2012

Welcome back to the 20th Season of the Wendy's Winter Hockey League.

You will notice the league has changed it's name after 19 years.  We have partnered up with the local Wendy's franchise and the Trotter family.

This year we will do the first ever Wendy's All Star Game and Skills Competition on January 15 - 2012 at Westman Place.  Each team will nominate 1 forward 1 defence and the WWHL will select 6 goaltenders in total ( 2 from each Division ).  Brian Barnes and Travis Gouldie will once again be our team coaches from Brandon Source for Sports.  Free Wendy's buffet following the game as well.


Basic points of interest
- 26 games plus all teams make playoffs
- periods are 3 - 12 minute stop time periods
- league is going to start October 10th and should be done 3rd week in April

League Fee's Include:
Regular Season Games
Double Knock Out Playoff Format
Team Jerseys
2 on ice officials
1 off ice officials
NHL style team and player stats
NHL Jerseys for all teams at no additional cost this season

Team Registration Fee's
If paid after October 1st - 2011 the fee is $5,999.00 with GST

Individual Player Fee's
If paid after October 1st - 2011 the fee is $499.00 with GST

Darryl Wolski

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