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2010 - 2011 WWHL Teams - as of Oct 14th - Please note Div 1 and 2 will interlock

Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
J & G - Aaron Deroo Little Italy Ice Bats - Tyler Woods Joey's Only - Jordan Boychuk
Source for Sports - Dave West Fit - Brad Nesbitt Kaptain Construction Roughnecks - Brent Perrin
Tavern United - Joel Smitty's - Ryan Schmidt Double Decker - Ryan
Eye Outfitters Jets Crystal Hotel - Jeff Stewart Wayway All Nation
Central Autobody - Jason Earl Wendy's Thundercats - Shane Houck Viper Autobody
Southquill Gaming - Gil Shorting Echo Outlaws - Brett Janz
Houstons - Kyle Harrison
Vanguard Vipers - Mark Badger
Willow Creek Flyers - Stephen Lepper
Domino's - Magnus
Regent Cresing - Brayden

2010 - 2011 Jersey Colors

Div 1 Sponsor Name 5 teams Color
Snyder Tavern United   Navy
EO Eye Outfitters Jets   White
Earl Central Autobody   Orange
BDN Drywall / Magnus Domino's   Teal
J & G J & G Dynasty None required  
Div 2   10 teams  
Woods Little Italy Ice Bats ( I have the logo )   Navy
Nesbitt West Fit Need numbers only  
Schmidt Smitty's   Yellow
Stewart Crystal Hotel Hornets   Green
Penner Source for Sports   Red
Houck Wendy's Thundercats None required  
Southquill Southquill Gaming Centre   Teal
Harrison Houstons   Orange
Badger Vanguard Vipers   Black
Lepper Willow Creek Flyers   White
Div 3 & 4   6 Teams  
Main Double Decker Tavern   Green
Wayway Wayway All Nation   Blue
Perrin Kaptain Konstruction   Black
Boychuk Joey's Only   Teal / Grey
Shelvey Viper Autobody   Red
Janz Echo Outlaws   White