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Travel Information

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Hotels and Motels

Canad Inns Brandon
Located at the Keystone Centre
Contact: Charlene Harris
E mail:


Royal Oak Inn and Suites
3130 Victoria Ave.
Contact: Group Sales
204-728-5775 or 800-852-2709

Colonial Inn
1944 Queens Ave.
Contact: Hal
204-728-8532 or 800-665-6373

Meadowlark Campgrounds is Brandon's Finest Camping Facility

Victoria Inn & Convention Centre
3550 Victoria Ave
Contact: Group Sales
204-725-1532 or 800-852-2710

Days Inn
2130 Currie Blvd
Contact: Dave or Nadine
204-727-3600 or 888-213-2192

Lakeview Inn and Suites
1880 Currie Blvd.
Contact: Group Sales
204-728-1880 or 877-355-3500

**** To make block bookings please contact these business's during normal business hours.

American Travel Information

For the latest information for American residents to cross the US / Canada border as of June 1st - 2009 please click on this link:

Do Americans Need a Passport to Visit Canada?
-October 10, 2006-

No. Americans do not a passport to visit Canada right now, but this is set to change.

June 1, 2009, which is when the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) will require American citizens to present a passport when crossing the Canadian border by land or water.

A great link for American's to find out as much as possible when coming to Canada. CLICK HERE

Entry into Canada

This section includes information about travel documents which may be required to enter Canada and what items may be restricted or prohibited. Read this especially if you are traveling with minor children, have a past criminal conviction (including drunk driving), or are a dual citizen of both Canada and the U.S.
Americans entering Canada

Do not expect to write any checks in Canada. It is almost impossible to write a check in Canada. Debit Cards, ATM's are everywhere, Visa, Amex, and MasterCard are available almost anywhere you go. You will find ATM machines in almost every major retailer.

You may be eligible for a refund of Canadian sales taxes.
National tax (GST) refund information

Many shops and businesses will accept U.S. currency, but the rate of exchange may not be competitive. Use the link below to find the current bank rate.
Currency Conversion

Metric System:
This is not a political message but why on earth did Canada switch to the metric system when our largest trading partner didn't switch (being the USA). Anyways nothing I can do about it.

Canada uses the metric system, which many Americans may find confusing. For example, one liter is very slightly more than one quart (.2642 gallons) and 72 degrees Fahrenheit is the same as 22 degrees Celsius. The link below provides access to many more metric equivalents.
Metric Conversion

Returning to the USA:

This page gives information about clearing U.S. Customs, including import duties, import restrictions, duty-free shopping, and the permissable quantities of alcohol and tobacco.
Americans Returning from Canada