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Current listing of teams 2015 - 2016

Confirmed Team Listing

Team Contact Division
Brandon Ave Electric Joel Snyder 1
Applebees Landon Desjardin 1
BOB Blazers Drew Bertone 1
Willow Creek Marty Logan 2
Echo Icebats Tyler Woods 2
Little Italy Pizza Dave Highway 2
Central Autobody Jason Earl 3
Joe Beeverz Michael Kohinski 3
Source for Sports Gavin Deacon 3
Houstons David Hutchison 3
Investors Group Marty Minshull 3
Blu Blazers Tyler McNish 3
Precision Toyota Colin Chalmers 3
Montana's Neal Anderson 4
Team Kirkland Spare Players 4
The Dock on Princess Scott Major 4
Smittys Dave Shelvey 4
West Fit Shaun Hebner 4
Domino's - SV Pierre McKay 4

2015 - 2016 WWHL TEAMS

Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 Div 4
Drew Bertone Marty Logan Ty McNish Neal Anderson
Joel Snyder Tyler Woods Mike Kohinski Shaun Hebner
Landon Desjardin Dave Highway Colin Chalmers Dave Shelvey
Gavin Deacon Jason Earl Sioux Valley
David Hutchison Free Agents
Marty Minshull Scott Major
OUT FOR 2015 OUT FOR 2015 OUT FOR 2015
J & G Winburn Mike Wasilka
Sandy Bay